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We believe in putting our money where our mouth is with our dogs and our training. We love to spend more time with our dogs than the fall hunting season alone allows. We train to win.

Kennel Facilities

First rate kennel facilities house your dog while in training and provide a great home for the first, formative weeks of our puppies lives.

Selective Breeding

We believe in selective breeding. This means we evaulate many dogs before deciding on the ones to breed. Our program consistantly produces quality animals.


Our puppies are socialized with other dogs and pleanty of people, including children.

Crosswind Truckin Fritz

Crosswind Kennels is the home of the winning-est GSP in NSTRA history.



Welcome to Crosswind Kennel!

We would like to invite you to browse through our site. Feel free to contact us about our dogs or the National Shoot to Retrieve Association. This kennel's breeding and training program is based off of many years of personal experience in the field trialing, hunting, and training of pointing dogs as a profession. We offer top quality breeding from proven males and females. Most of the Champion and National Championship titles earned, or seen in our dogs titles and pedigrees, have been put on them by us personally. We also offer  puppies, started and finished hunting dogs, and on occasion started or finished trial dogs. These dogs come from some of the very best of the breed. For hunting and/or field trialing they have proven to uphold the tradition of this kennel. They have the fire it takes to cut it under severe conditions, yet have a very biddable temperament, that is difficult to find in a highly driven bird dog. They also make great family/hunting and companion dogs.

At this kennel we strive to produce dogs with an emphasis on performance, athleticism, stamina, and style. We also realize that all the performance in the world is useless if it cannot be controlled. With that said, nothing in our breeding program gets reproduced until both breeding pair have been put through a complete training program, as well as, seen a couple of wild bird seasons or proven themselves on the field trial circuit. Each litter I produce is produced with the thinking of, 'is this what I would want my puppy to come from?' Most litters produced here I will keep a pup from and put it through my training program. I do this so that I have first hand experience of what Crosswind Kennel produces. I don't want to rely on second hand information as opposed to first hand personal experience. All of my own hunting and trial dogs come from the litters that are advertised here on my web site.

Scott Townsend

Crosswind Kennel

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