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We believe in putting our money where our mouth is with our dogs and our training. We love to spend more time with our dogs than the fall hunting season alone allows. We train to win.

Kennel Facilities

First rate kennel facilities house your dog while in training and provide a great home for the first, formative weeks of our puppies lives.

Selective Breeding

We believe in selective breeding. This means we evaulate many dogs before deciding on the ones to breed. Our program consistantly produces quality animals.


Our puppies are socialized with other dogs and pleanty of people, including children.

Crosswind Truckin Fritz

Crosswind Kennels is the home of the winning-est GSP in NSTRA history.



Mar 20, 2013

Dr. Tim's Premium All Natural Dog Food now sponsoring Crosswind Kennel

Dr. Tim's All Natural Premium Dog Food is now the official Crosswind Kennel Sponsor. This is a dog food that we truly believe in and have seen amazing results from.
Visit for more info on the dog food that we recommend for any performance dog.
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